Energy Saving Tips & Tools

It's no secret that energy prices are on the rise and the amount of energy resources are on the decline. Efforts are occurring on many fronts to use resources in a more environmentally friendly way. We all need to use the energy we have in the most efficient way possible. During cold winters and hot summers, American Power & Light would like to provide some energy tips to aid you in energy conservation and possibly lower your energy bills.

  1. Be consistent with your thermostat temperature - DON'T TURN IT OFF.
    • Turn the thermostat down 5 degrees when you are away or asleep.
    • Layer your clothes, rather than turning the heat up.
  2. Shade your windows if overcast or dark outside.
    • However, if you have windows facing the South - open curtains on bright sunny days.
    • Studies have shown 10 - 25% savings.
  3. Make sure your vents and air returns are not blocked by furniture.
  4. Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans sparingly - they pull warm air right out of your home.
  5. Unplug appliances when not in use. Even when turned off, if plugged in it will pull electricity.
  6. Use Sleep mode on your computer; DON'T use screen savers.
    • If away more than two hours - turn it off
  7. Set your water heater between 120 and 130 degrees
  8. Wash full loads of laundry using cold water.
  9. Wash full loads of dishes in the dishwasher, using a shorter wash/rinse cycle; dry with the air dry setting.
  10. Turn off all lights when you leave a room
    • Incandescent bulbs are inefficient - turn them off when you aren't using them
    • Install compact fluorescent lights - switching 5 incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs can save you $60 per year!!!

Want to know how much energy that appliance of yours is using? Download our guide to appliance average energy usage.

The above tips have helped to lower electric usage in the past. American Power & Light hopes these tips help to lower your bill.