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Dear Valued Customers,

American Power and Light recognizes that this is a difficult time for many, due to the current health crisis. At AP&L, we are committed to helping provide short-term relief and would like to share current policies regarding billing, payments, and disconnection. AP&L has suspended all disconnection for non-payment as of March 16, 2020 and will continue to do so during this trying time. At this time we do not have a date when the disconnections will resume. We will continue to follow the PUCO (Public Utility Commission of Ohio) guidelines and suggestions. AP&L will keep customers abreast of changes to this suspension. If your account is subject to a disconnect notice under normal circumstances, you may still receive one at this time. The disconnect notices that will go out during this suspension are made to inform you that a balance is due. With many customers spending more time at home and consuming more electricity than typical, we want to be proactive in helping customers avoid escalating balances due to non-payment. Please be aware, that you are still responsible for all billed electricity, and we urge you to make every effort to keep your account current to avoid higher payments in the upcoming months. We understand the hardships that many are currently facing. If you foresee problems paying your bill, please contact us so that together, we can formulate a plan to maintain your account in good standing. You may also contact us to have any late fees waived that are incurred during this time. Please be aware that while we will do everything within our ability to assist you, failure on your part to make arrangements and/or follow the arrangements, may result in disconnection once the suspension is lifted. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling (888)850-0098 or submit an email inquiry, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your continued business and please know that we are here to help during this time. Stay safe and remember we are all in this together!


ALERT! Please be aware that scammers have been posing as utility companies and are stating that they have important information regarding your account or possibly that your account has been disconnected. Be sure to check the phone number they are calling from. American Power & Light will only be calling you from 888-850-0098. Also, we never make outgoing calls except to return voicemails left by you, the customer. We will never require you to identify yourself via your social security number or to verify your account using your social security number. If you are not sure who is calling please do not hesitate to call 888-850-0098 and verify if we have tried to make contact with you as your account will be noted.

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Payment Fee Changes
There will be a change to credit card processing fees effective Monday October 16, 2017. The processing fee to pay online will remain $3.25, the processing fee to pay over the phone will increase to $10.00.

Current Outages
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Need help managing and billing your tenants for utility service? We can help. We have numerous years of experience installing meter systems and managing customer billing for all types of property owners. Click below to see how AP&L can help you!

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